Botox: Your Secret Weapon for Looking Refreshed in Holiday Photos

Naturally, you want to look your best and feel at your most confident during the festive season.

With invitation after invitation filling your social calendar with holiday gatherings — from the office party, festive galas, and family get-togethers to your neighborhood Christmas potluck — there are countless special occasions and an even larger number of photo opportunities.

These days, it’s customary to put as much effort into preparing yourself for the most wonderful time of the year as you do your home and kitchen.

And there is now a growing trend for both men and women to take their holiday grooming routines to the next level and opt for non-surgical facial rejuvenation techniques to really give their look an overhaul for the festivities.

Make Botox® part of your holiday grooming

Botox isn’t designed to make you look simply younger and doesn’t do anything for wrinkles caused by the thinning of your skin that is inevitable as you age. Botox, however, addresses the deep wrinkles known as dynamic wrinkles that are caused by the contraction of your facial muscles to form expressions.

You may know these wrinkles by the affectionate terms “worry lines,” “crow’s feet,” and “laughter lines.”

Deep lines on your forehead between your eyebrows and around your eyes and mouth can make you appear stressed, worried, upset, or tired, and generally convey a self that you might not feel is reflective of how you actually feel.

Botox injections are a safe and effective way to subtly improve your look. During a consultation at our Skin MD office, Samuel J. Pruden, MD, evaluates your face to see whether you are a candidate for Botox. He then expertly assesses which muscles are causing any deep dynamic wrinkles you may have and uses the Botox to relax the muscle and, therefore, reduce the contraction.

Botox can make you look refreshed, less worried or stressed, and generally happier, fresher and brighter — characteristics you would like to see reflected in your holiday photos.

The right time for treatment

Botox is relatively painless and doesn’t cause much in the way of swelling or redness. Most patients report feeling only a small scratch. You can have the procedure during your lunch break and can be back at your desk within minutes with nobody any the wiser about the treatment.

Everyone’s face responds differently to Botox, so Dr. Pruden recommends that it is best to leave a minimum of two weeks from the time of your treatment to your special event to allow for any redness or bruising to fade, and also for the results of the treatment to reach their maximum effect.

After peaking around two weeks post-procedure, your results begin to very gradually fade over a period ranging between two and six months. Results last for four months on average, long enough to see you through the festive period and into the New Year.

If you are troubled by deep lines that you feel make you appear fatigued, stressed, or prematurely aged, you may find that Botox helps boost your confidence. To see if we can help you to feel your best this holiday season, call our Lexington, Kentucky, office or contact us online.

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