Choosing the Right Chemical Peel for You

Chemical peels are a non-surgical process used to improve the look and feel of your skin. This cosmetic treatment can be applied to your neck and hands as well as your face. The procedure uses a chemical to exfoliate and reveal more supple skin underneath. Depending on the level of treatment your skin needs, or what you desire, there are a few types of chemical peels you can choose.

Dr. Samuel J. Pruden is an expert in the area of dermatology and skin care and is considered a specialist in chemical peels. Located in Lexington, Kentucky, his practice - SkinMD - provides solutions for many different dermatologic concerns. Dr. Pruden and his staff are dedicated to helping you achieve smooth, clear, and younger looking skin.

Beyond the surface of chemical peels

Chemical peels promote smoother skin, with tighter pores, and fewer lines and wrinkles. Acne sufferers can benefit greatly from regular chemical peels to keep breakouts at bay. Though you may experience some degree of pain, redness, and burning, depending on your level of chemical peel, the process is much less invasive than other treatments.


The results of chemical peels are not the same as those you get from laser treatments. However, the deep peel process does promote new tissue growth. Dr. Pruden uses the chemical formula of the peel to control the amount of damage to your skin. This damage stimulates collagen and elastin production and creates new tissue.

As the name implies, your skin will blister and peel as a result of the chemical damage. Whether you want to minimize acne scars, erase sun damage, or reduce the appearance of those lines and wrinkles that come with age, there is a chemical peel for you. Here are a few types of peels to help you choose the one that might be best for you.



After your initial peel, our staff will give you instructions on skin care and recovery. These instructions will include sun safety guidelines because your skin will be sensitive to sun exposure post peel. Make sure you follow all of Dr. Pruden’s directions for the best outcome and quickest recovery times.

Uncover your best skin

Achieving the desired look and feel of your skin isn’t difficult. Call our office or book your consultation online today to uncover a more vibrant, youthful, and beautiful appearance.

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